All in User Experience

Ice Cream & Memory

I imagine keeping real-world legacy code running will be a lot like sculpting ice cream in a hot, windowless room, so I hope the people I work with will have the same lust for life that the peers I have now do. I think that'll go a long way towards making the process seem more exciting rather than doomed.

Mutating & Mindfulness

This whole C4Q project would be simpler if being in a bootcamp was just about buckling down and grinding out work and other things we associate with (masculine) toughness. But I don’t think it’s that one-sided. We’re also here to learn what we may need to take on to go on and what we can let fall away or release for a season or two. Taking on an intense form of education like a dev bootcamp can be about softening yourself without also losing yourself, your critical thought, and your engagement with the world.