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Today, after we paired with someone from the Web class to work on our resumes, my partner (Luis) said he enjoyed my blog (thanks!) and that I should blog more about my personal journey with coding—that it'd be something he'd want to see if he was an employer.

I'm gonna try it.

viewDidLoad & scope

The complexity of the task at hand—learning a language, a program, and learning to program—is coming into focus more and more. It can all be intimidating when I look up at the view from the base of this mountain between bouts of writing and troubleshooting code. I worry that the skills and methods I used to get here won’t be enough to sustain me moving forward.

Constant Variables & Humbling Founders

While it's intimidating to read about all the people and the work that goes into making C4Q and Access Code a success, it also makes me realize what an honor it is that these people think I'm worth teaching and that they have my back as I take on this learning challenge. It means a lot.

Maybe I belong here.

Hello, World.

My hope for this blog is that it will document not only my journey from illustrator to software developer, but a shift from imagining a world with space for me in it to claiming space for myself in the world.