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Reformat & Iterate

Today when we broke into pods I determined my goal for the next week (which would matter because I was 97% sure I'd just flamed out on our first bi-weekly assessment) would be to write a code snippet of my own for each new lesson using the concept we'd learned in that lesson—similar to what I did here. I was surprised when after telling the teacher my plan he advised me against it, instead recommending I go back and review old exercises and look at previous bits of code that I knew worked. My brain resisted this probably well-tested advice at first. I wanted to make new stuff, not review things!

Break & Continue

But the reason that I said it was important for me to sit with the feeling of failure was because it was just a feeling. And feelings pass, and are NOT facts.

I may have gotten lower on the assessment than I would've liked, but that doesn't mean I didn't gain valuable insight and experience from it. And just because I felt I failed, that does not make me a failure. That's an important distinction for me to focus on, because failures give up, but people who fail can persevere, grow, and learn.

where clauses & value binding

  • C4Q tutor: Uh uh, no.
  • Me: [starting a new exercise, scrolling back to look at previous answers] 😳
  • C4Qt: Don't do that. Don't scroll back to look at previous exercises for syntax clues.
  • Me: 😓 Bad habit?
  • C4Qt: Well, you won't always have exercises to look back to.
  • Me: 🙇

Little moments like that make office hours immensely valuable.