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Optional Binding & (Really) Networking

They're very vulnerable places, beginnings, as you open yourself up to changing how you see the world. I had my first dream about coding two nights ago. Last night, I had another one. It was strange, but a little wonderful, too. It was also a sign of how profoundly the mind and body take in your environment—which can be good and bad, as no environment is perfect.

Control Flow & Networking

So many of the women in this cohort are about a decade younger than myself, and I feel we—as older women who have been through this sort of thing before or who have friends who have seen it all and worse—owe it to them to make sure the tech community has space for bright young women, who can be both on the cusp of greatness and also at their most vulnerable in a largely older, largely male community.

Characters & Storytelling

  • Doubted myself out of a compliment.

  • Caught reading. "Go to college!" Had.

  • Ink drops. Tear drops. Rose up.

  • Advice: "Don't come back!" Never will.

  • Sickness. Recovery. Covering new ground, finally.

  • Playing at nerd to working nerd.

These are six of my six-word stories I wrote during our Storytelling Workshop with Bharat Ayyar. They are all about me and all authentic.

fallthrough & overflow

The classroom, to me, feels like a space where we succeed and struggle together. I hope everyone feels that way. All of this goes a long way to making it easier to tackle heavy subjects like the intricacies of bytes and floating numbers, which I'm still working on. But I know my peers and the faculty have my back. I hope I can continue to give them back everything that they've given to me and more.

Insomnia & String Interpolation

One of the things Turnbull did mention in his speech was believing that we were entitled to the information we are being given. Another part of that formula seems to be believing that the information we're being given is worth half a hundred thousand dollars or more. I'm still learning how to believe that. [...]
I've always had trouble separating my worth from my job. I guess that doesn't get easier just because you might start being paid much, much more. If you're taught that it's of the upmost importance to do your best work every day for its own sake, no matter your compensation, then how do you know what you're really worth?