Zeroth Day & git init

Zeroth Day & git init

"It's happening... it's happening!" I kept repeating this to my mom (and myself) on the ferry and train ride into Queens this morning.

After I arrived:

  • Fellow Access Coder: Did you do the homework?
  • Me: Yeah.
  • FAC: Of course you did.

It's the glasses, isn't it? I'm pretty sure it's the glasses that out me as nerd du jour. Guess I'm ok with that, as these glasses are green and rad.

We just finished lunch (pizza!) and Installfest (Xcode, github, and Slack). I love Slack. I've heard about it for so long but never had a group to use it with (#foreverAlone). I love sharing relevant links so Slack is a gift. I can't wait to learn from everyone else.

Today we're meeting the CTO of Kickstarter, who wrote a good post about what being a junior developer really means when one is job hunting. I'm really looking forward to his talk.

We just took our first group photo! We get more official by the minute.

Highlights from James Turnbull/@kartar, CTO of Kickstarter, talk:

Having a sense of being worthy of the knowledge you’re getting is really important. Know "I can do this, I own this, I’m entitled to own this information and have this info and do stuff with it." It has to do with drive and is a crucial step in learning.
Persistently going through hammer stage (of learning) and not giving up is important. A lot of people have delusion you must be Mac genius or have a brain “wired that way,” but I find that there are programmers who are artistic, creative, who write fanfic AND more engineering-type people. There's not really a right/left brain divide. 
[On problems jr. engineers make] Not asking questions, don’t be embarrassed. Junior Engineers hammer themselves against a question for hours. There's NO shame in asking; there IS shame in wasting hours and hours. Ask questions. You’re entitled to do that. People have that expectation. A good company and good bunch of engineers will share that time with you.

Amazing first day! Now to socialize...

ETA: Had fun talking general tech stuff, hyperfocus (part of ADD/ADHD, new-t0-me info), spreading the good word about Ted Chiang and Zombies, Run!

Going to make a marked effort to carry less to class tomorrow, and try out this method of power cord wrapping.

And last but not at all least:

Technology, for me, is the most empowering thing in the world.


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