Pop & Self

Today, after we paired with someone from the Web class to work on our resumes, my partner (Luis) said he enjoyed my blog (thanks!) and that I should blog more about my personal journey with coding—that it'd be something he'd want to see if he was an employer.

I'm gonna try it.

viewDidLoad & scope

The complexity of the task at hand—learning a language, a program, and learning to program—is coming into focus more and more. It can all be intimidating when I look up at the view from the base of this mountain between bouts of writing and troubleshooting code. I worry that the skills and methods I used to get here won’t be enough to sustain me moving forward.

Ice Cream & Memory

I imagine keeping real-world legacy code running will be a lot like sculpting ice cream in a hot, windowless room, so I hope the people I work with will have the same lust for life that the peers I have now do. I think that'll go a long way towards making the process seem more exciting rather than doomed.

Mutating & Mindfulness

This whole C4Q project would be simpler if being in a bootcamp was just about buckling down and grinding out work and other things we associate with (masculine) toughness. But I don’t think it’s that one-sided. We’re also here to learn what we may need to take on to go on and what we can let fall away or release for a season or two. Taking on an intense form of education like a dev bootcamp can be about softening yourself without also losing yourself, your critical thought, and your engagement with the world.

Optional Binding & (Really) Networking

They're very vulnerable places, beginnings, as you open yourself up to changing how you see the world. I had my first dream about coding two nights ago. Last night, I had another one. It was strange, but a little wonderful, too. It was also a sign of how profoundly the mind and body take in your environment—which can be good and bad, as no environment is perfect.

Control Flow & Networking

So many of the women in this cohort are about a decade younger than myself, and I feel we—as older women who have been through this sort of thing before or who have friends who have seen it all and worse—owe it to them to make sure the tech community has space for bright young women, who can be both on the cusp of greatness and also at their most vulnerable in a largely older, largely male community.